Regarding Gentlemen’s Club

For the past five years Chris Buck has been photographing and interviewing the partners of exotic dancers. He’s traveled widely, shooting in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, Tampa, New Orleans, and Toronto, among others. Some of the people he’s photographed have worked alongside their partners as DJs and doormen. Two of them are themselves dancers. Others have been telemarketers, mechanics, musicians, techies, security guards, novelists. What unites them is that they are in relationships with women who were actively dancing in strip clubs.

The end goal is a book, the working title is Gentlemen's Club: Partners of Exotic Dancers. This will be his third book, the second is Uneasy (2017), a 30-year retrospective portrait collection, and Presence (2012), portraits of the famous in which they are not visible.

He has enlisted memoirist Lily Burana to write the foreword to Gentlemen’s Club. She's the author of four successful books, including the legendary Strip City, in which she tells the story of a final stripper tour of the US. 

Thirty-eight sittings are completed, and he hopes to do a handful more before wrapping up the project.

To contact Chris Buck to set up a photo session for Gentlemen’s Club please email: